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Renee and Francois

Center City Philadelphia will never be the same. From now on, it will be known as the place where Renee and Francois lit up the night sky with love letters. Huge white letters spelling out the word LOVE set the perfect backdrop for the nuptials of this beautiful couple. It’s a first for the city and singularly fitting for this couple who’s wedding day was a day of first looks and delightful surprises. From the wedding prep at the Logan Hotel, to the ceremony at the Free Library, the first looks, first smiles, and first tingles of excitement never ended. The bride honored her parents by wearing their wedding rings as part of her bouquet. The bridesmaid’s bouquets were personalized with ribbons and quotes to Renee.

“I asked my bridesmaids for quotes that were meaningful to them. They had no idea what they were for, and naturally, they gave me quotes from their own weddings, wedding songs, readings, or important parts of their lives. I then had a calligrapher write the quotes on ribbons for each bridesmaid to carry with them,” explained Renee.

Renee and Francois’ wedding was also one of amazing surprises. Not only did Renee and Francois have a first look, she surprised her bridesmaids with their own first look as well and surprised Francois with a wedding gift of a new watch. In a surprising twist, Renee also surprised Francois and his family by reciting a portion of her vows in French. Imagine the pride this brought to Francois and the joy it brought to Francois’ family, many of whom traveled from France to witness the ceremony and celebration.

Renee and Francois will love looking back on these and other moments like the bridesmaids carrying Renee’s train and the groomsmen’s pre-wedding toast to Francois. From the montage of last engaged kiss to first nuptial kiss at the altar, we didn’t miss a thing. All in all, this was an amazingly beautiful wedding.

The reception was full of toasts and tears as the guests rejoiced with the couple. Renee’s brother even made a poignant point of including their late father in the ceremony. Her maid of honor and Francois’ best man kept the crowd laughing and wiping away tears of joy. The bouquet toss and the cake cutting – where Francois playfully swiped the bride’s nose with frosting – to the private champagne toast the couple shared on the rooftop in front of those love letters, nothing was left out of the wedding and reception – and we captured it all.

When you’re ready for your own celebration, call iExclusive Productions. Just like we did for this striking couple, we can also partner with Kseniya Berson Photography to create a total package of wedding memories. Kseniya is one of our favorite photographers, and we frequently work together to create stunning and affordable packages. So, go ahead and plan the wedding of your dreams, then leave the memories to us. You bring the wedded bliss, we’ll bring the momentous memories.

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