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The Fishers Tudor House in Bensalem, PA set the tone for one of the loveliest, most touching weddings iExclusive Productions has ever had the honor of capturing on film. Of course, we think every wedding we shoot is special, but when it’s the wedding of a friend, business and pleasure meld in a unique way. Such was the case when my friend, Eddie, wed his bride Kathleen.

We had the thrill of following Eddie and Kathleen’s love journey from proposal – she said, yes! – to wedding to reception. The weather may have started off gloomy, but it was no match for this happy, beaming couple. Because the rain held itself back until the post-ceremony portrait shots were complete, it seemed as if the whole universe was in sync with the new Mr. and Mrs. Eifert.

November 18, 2017 was also an extra special day for fathers, because the bride shared a unique first look moment with her father, while the groom’s father recovered from an illness, and was able to be present and celebrate this once-in-his-son’s-lifetime occasion. And, really, what could be more special than that? From aerial shots to the fist-pumping entrance to the reception to the father-daughter dance to the mother-son dance to the cake cutting, everything is permanently captured in a digital video time capsule.

One of the best features of a wedding video is knowing that even the bride and groom will see moments they didn’t see on the day of the wedding – when they only had eyes for each other. That’s why we go to extra lengths to record the bride’s prep and the groom’s grooming. It was a joy and a pleasure to preserve the moments and memories of my friend, and fellow Eagles fan, Eddie, and his lovely new wife as they set Pennsylvania on fire. When it’s your turn to record your own love journey, call iExclusive Productions for the video of a lifetime that showcases the love of your life.

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